We offer Visa Assistance for Expats in the Philippines.

We also process the following visas at the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation :

  • 47(A)(2) – Treaty-traders under BOI-registered firms
  • 9(A) – Pre-Arranged Employee ; as well as Change of Status from 9(A) to 9(D)
  • 9(G) – Pre-arranged employee of a non-registered BOI Multinational Company
  • 9(D) – for aliens whose entry to the Phils is solely to carry on trade between the Phils and the foreign state; including his wife and unmarried children under 21 yrs of age
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Emigration Clearance Certificate / Special Return Certificate /¬†¬†Exit & Re-entry Permit.


ACR – Alien Certificate of Registration

ECC – Emigration Clearance Certificate

RP – Re-entry Permit

SRC – Special Return Certificate

CID – Commissioner Immigration and Deportation

SRP – Special Return Permit

ICR – Immigration Certificate of Residence

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